Jon Clark Photography Limited: Blog en-us (C) Jon Clark Photography 2018 (Jon Clark Photography Limited) Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:26:00 GMT Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:26:00 GMT Jon Clark Photography Limited: Blog 96 120 Name change, rebranding and news Welcome all to 2018. What a start to the year with us deciding to change the name of the business and rebrand at the same time.

Jon Clark Photography replaces the old Ennanjay Imaging and launches with a new logo now resplendent on the website.

Jon Clark PhotographyThe new name and branding I also have some exciting news.

We are currently looking for a studio premises. So more to follow soon.

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Wandering Minstral awarded second place by SWPP I was delighted to be awarded 2nd place in the Avant Garde portrait category at the SWPP Photographer of the Year Awards.

Thanks to two talented models in Avant Garde and Ted Nichols.

The image was captured using the Brenizer technique which produces a wide angle looking image but with a very shallow depth of field.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) brenizer technique jonclarkphotography natural light photography portrait portraits portraiture workshop Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:08:15 GMT
Pre Christmas Workshop and not a trace of Christmas in sight - part 1 We held another workshop recently but this time we were hosted by Firstscene a studio run by Alan and Jan in Totton, Southampton.

This is a great little studio, ideal for the three of us to spend the afternoon creating images and having a laugh.

We were lucky enough to have the services of MUA Suzanne from and models Avant Garde, DBrew and Nicola Franklin which gave us loads of variety and lots for Suzanne to do!

We started with Dan (DBrew) and looked at lighting his bare torso to emphasise his muscles. Moving the lights to see the effect it had.

Nichola is a fitness competition champion and personal trainer so we used a large softbox to get a lovely soft light to again show off her tone.

Adding Dan and adjusting the softbox to give an even coverage of both of them produced this advertising style shot. I can see this on a bill board with a Gym logo and a motivational byline.

Changing the lighting so it came across Nicola and adding a spot onto the black backdrop gave a completely different feel and by adding a hoodie top and gloves changed the look and a gritty post process gave a great final image.

Next up was Jade (Avant Garde) and I had wanted to shoot some handbag product advertising images so Suzanne was kind enough to bring along some of hers for us to use.

Now Jade has this amazing pin stipe trouser suit type outfit with an outrageous corset which I really wanted to use.

I set the soft box up to camera right at about head height and slightly angled down and added a honeycomb gridded reflector light to illuminate the handbag.

Losing the gridded light I shot a couple of further images with different handbags getting Jade to adopt quirky poses and I wanted the look to be 'different'.

In the next part I try and recreate a Horst classic, we do some hi-key and produce a Samson and Delilah image.

See you guys soon.

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The Wandering Minstrel (a chance encounter) My final montage presentation.


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A romantic tale of Jade and Ted Jade and Ted are two great models who I had the pleasure of working with at the weekend.

Ted is a part time musician and had asked me to do some images for his portfolio and we got Jade in to enable me to do a series of images I had in mind to make up a story board.

Ted secured a great location and the weather cleared up to enable us to capture these shots before the light went.

My idea was of a wandering minstrel encountering a beautiful lady on his travels and them walking off together.

A bit of post processing in Lightroom gave me the vintage romantic/edgy look I was after.

Hope you enjoy.



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Turned out ok in the end Well the weather forecast all week had not been promising however we had organised to do a shoot on a local farm and had lined up 5 photographers and 3 models so we crossed our fingers and set off.

The farm is a great location with a lovely big barn which I knew would be prefect if it was raining.

Well true to form it was raining when we got there so we got to work setting up lights in a few locations with different backdrops.

Suzanne from was with us again and did a fabulous job making up both Ted and Avante Guard , two of our models. Our other model Abi you will recognise from our Harley Davidson shoot.

We were soon busy shooting our various set ups and pleasingly the rain cleared away and the sun came out sop we were able to shoot outside as well.

Here are a selection of images and a couple of short videos (apologies for the video quality).

I've added a short video (pl excuse the quality) to show what we get up to.

We try to hold workshops every month so if you are interested please get in touch via the website.

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Harley Chick I was lucky enough to get to use an industrial workshop recently for a photo shoot with a model Abi and a 'Fat Boy' Harley Davidson.

Using some light weight studio flashes and modifiers we were able to produce some great images of the Harley with out lovely model Abi.

Thanks has to go to Suzanne of for her makeup expertise.

Above - using a single strobe shot through a softbox made the model and bike standout from the background which was rendered black thanks to the relative fall off.

Above  - again we used a strobe with softbox this time held above the model

I wanted to do a shot similar to the famous bond poster but using the bike framed between the legs.

Ricky my fellow photographer provided the street gangster look required.

A great afternoon which produced some incredible images.

For more information on future workshop please contact me via the website.

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Portrait workshop with Ted and Rin

It was hot but a real blast when we gathered and did a group shoot.

Using flash and natural light we shot numerous locations with Ted Nichols and Rin (Sinopa Rin).

Thanks to Suzanne of for being our brilliant MUA and Arikana from for her stylist services whose enthusiasm was so infectious.

Ennanjay Imaging portrait workshopPortrait Workshop Ennanjay Imaging portrait workshopPortrait Workshop Ennanjay Imaging portrait workshopPortrait Workshop Ennanjay Imaging portrait workshopPortrait Workshop Ennanjay Imaging portrait workshopPortrait Workshop

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Summer fields Making the most of a sunny day Suzanne and I took a trip up onto the South Downs near Winchester. I had wanted to do a scouting trip around here for a location shoot and so I took my Leica X1 for a walk!

Early afternoon sun is not the best light to shoot in however I just love the blue skies and golden yellow of the corn fields at this time of year.

Once home I had in mind recreating an old fashioned vintage colour film feel and after ten minutes of experimentation in Lightroom the follow result was achieved.

Summer FieldsLeica X1 1/800s @ f5.6 ISO100


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Images of a Black and White London I found myself on London on Tuesday for a meeting and with only my trusted iphone 6 however I was still able to capture a couple of images and process them with the Snapseed App.

Hope you like them.

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Firmware update for Yongnuo YN622C-TX allows use with YN560-TX Firstly I need to give a big thank you to then guys at FLASH HAVOC for spreading the word however I thought I ought to expand on their posting and provide a step by step guide as to why this firmware update is so fantastic.

I am a big fan of the Yongnuo flashes and triggers as I believe they provide an equivalent product to the Canon/Nikon flashes and triggers but for a fraction of the price. To that end I have 3 YN560-IIIs and had been triggering them quite happily with RF603 C3 triggers. The only slight bugbear was that I had to adjust the output of each flash by altering the setting on the control panel of each flash individually.

Then the YN560-TX flash controller was launched and this allows me to control each flash from the controller individually. In fact coupled with 2 RF603 C3 triggers it allows me to also remote fire my 1Ds Mark 3 or 5D mark 3 as well using the supplied cable which attaches between the trigger and the remote release port on the cameras. (Note there are 2 different types of cable depending upon the model of camera so check which version of the trigger you order!)

As I already had some Canon EX flashes I had also invested in some YN622C triggers and a YN622C-TX controller which again allows me to control the flashes off camera.

So why did the 1.02 firmware upgrade get me so excited that I had to write this blog post?

What the firmware upgrade has done is to allow the YN560-TX to control ETTL flashes via the YN622C-TX enabling manual control of these flashes in combination with the YN560 IIIs. Therefore extending the usefulness of the YN622c triggers.

Installing the firmware is relatively straight forward. One tip is that the HongKong Yongnuo website is the best for this (It is in English) and at the time of writing the firmware was up to v1.06.

  • You will need to download and install the trigger updater program first.
  • Then download the zip file and extract it to your computer.
  • Using the installer program flow the instructions and install the firmware via a mini usb cable which connects your computer to the port on the side of the YN622-TX.

Yongnuo , manual flash control, YN622C-TX firmware uograde, YN560-TXManual control of Canon EXII flash via Yongnuo YN560-TXA great firmware update to the YN622C-TX allows manual control of EX II TTL flashes using the YN560-TX controller

The photo above shows the set up I used to do the test.

From left to right. 

  1. 5d mark iii with RF603 C3 in hot shoe and trigger cable connected to remote shutter release port.
  2. YN560-TX in the hot shoe of another RF603 which allows me to fire the camera and flashes remotely whilst still being able to alter all the flashes separately from the trigger controller.
  3. YN560-III synced to the YN560-TX and set to group A. Note power set to 1/64 +0.7 on controller also shows on rear panel of flash.
  4. YN622-TX displays function 06 and 560 which indicates this is the function for the 560 controller. It is set to ON and in this state the light below the on/off toggle switch is permanently lit. Note: set like this it is not possible to change any other setting without turning this function off.
  5. Canon 580EX II in the hot shoe of a YN622C trigger. The trigger was set to channel B and note the rear display shows Manual mode and 1/16 power as does channel B on the YN560-TX.

This configuration allows me to fire the shutter and flashes remotely and also alter the flash outputs without having to touch the camera or flashes.

You can also remove the YN560-TX from the RF603 and install it in the hot shoe of the RF603 on the camera's hot shoe if you wish.

YN 560-TX, YN622-TX firmware upgadeYongnuo YN622-TX firmware v1.02Yongnuo YN622-TX showing function 06 set to ON allowing control of 580EXii in manual mode from YN560-TX (not in shot)

All in all a great little upgrade making the YN622s usable as flash triggers in conjunction with the YN560-TX.

Please let me know how you get on with playing with these and if there are any other configurations that work via the comments.

Wishing you all a happy New Year for 2015







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Panlight - a revolution for speedlights I was recently introduced to this product being crowd funded on Kickstarter The idea, like all the best ideas is incredibly simple to create an automated stand for speedlites that allows the photographer to control the rotation and pitch using a simple remote control.

Check out this video for more details;

I saw the awesome potential straight away and invested so I have done this blog to try and get the message out there to my fellow photographers.

What is more the inventor is a British photographer, Mike Garrard.

Update: Only week 2 and two new innovations, memory positioning and time lapse. So don't delay check it out, invest and get hold of some of these!

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Laura I have been wanting to do a shoot that replicated the classic hollywood portraits of the 50's and 60's so when I had the opportunity to photograph Laura at Shutterworks Studio in Southampton I jumped at the chance.

Shutterwork is a great little studio with plenty of lights, modifiers, backdrops and props. Scott who runs the studio is a great guy and is on hand to assist with modifier changes etc if required.

I started out using just a single strobe through a beauty dish that had a honey comb grill on the front. The reason for the gril was to reduce the spread of light from the dish increasing the fall off to darken the background. Pre-shoot conversations with Laura had given her an idea of the look I was after and she arrived with a number of outfit to suit the shoot style.

This shot Shot used the beauty dish almost directly in front of the model.
Canon 5D mk3, Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens. 1/160s @ f7.1 ISO100 Classic beautyShot using a single beauty dish almost directly in front of the model. Canon 5D mk3, Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens. 1/160s @ f7.1 ISO100

Canon 5D mk3, Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens. 1/160s @ f7.1 ISO100

Scot has a lovely chaise lounge and Laura took direction well in creating a classic reclined pose.

EleganceAgain using the beauty dish you can see how the honey comb grid makes the light fall off very quickly. Canon 5D mk3, Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens. 1/160s @ f5.6 ISO100

I the changed to modifier to a large Octabox and directed Laura to give me a more vulnerable look The result below looked fantastic in B&W so I have reproduced it below. I especially like the juxtaposition between the delicate look of Laura and the chunky boots and necklace.

Stunning Black and WhiteLove the look of B&W. Canon 5D mk3, Canon 5omm f1.2 lens. 1/100s @ f13 ISO400

The 4 hour session just flew by and thanks again to Laura and Scott at Shutterworks Studio


(Jon Clark Photography Limited) Fri, 05 Dec 2014 22:07:12 GMT
Hyde Park shoot Last week I was in London and arranged to do a 1 to 1 portrait shoot with Arfy and model Chloe (Sugar & Spice). I booked Chloe for the afternoon and planned the shoot location to be the area around the Albert Memorial.

Fortunately the weather held and allowed us to try natural light and fill flash portraits using the memorial as a backdrop and the autumnal colours of the park.

Here I positioned Chloe centrally on a path which had metal railings either side. Shot with a Sigma 85m f1.4 lens to render the background out of focus made Chloe standout and produced pleasing leading lines.

(Canon 5D Markiii, ISO100, 1/250 at f1.8)

The natural arch created by the tree framed Chloe beautifully and I added a little fill flash from the left to lift and balance the image.

(Canon 5D Markiii, Sigma 85mm f1.4, ISO100, 1/40 at f4)

When I was planning the shot I had the idea of shooting the model in bridal attire with the Albert Memorial as the background. Chloe was able to provide the outfit and so we started with shooting some traditional portraits using the shapes and lines to give effect.

(Canon 5D Markiii, Canon 24-105mm f4, ISO200, 70mm, 1/40 at f4.5)

I have always been an admirer of David Ziser and the wedding portraits he produces and I was keen to try and produce my own take on his dramatic style.

We started by positioning Chloe to produce a pleasing composition and set our exposure to darken the background. Using an EX580II speedlight through a diffuser we then lit Chloe to produce this dramatic portrait.

(Canon 5D Markiii, Canon 24-105mm f4, ISO100, 32mm, 1/80 at f4)

We then continued this theme by shooting Chloe standing using the flash in the same way.

This time I put on my lovely canon 8-15mm lens and shot from low down to emphasis the lines and got Chloe to pose with plenty of attitude!!

(Canon 5D Markiii, Canon 8-15mm f4, ISO100, 15mm, 1/125 at f9)

Whether hosting photo walks with larger groups or doing 1 to 1 tuition with Arfy I thoroughly enjoy giving my knowledge and understanding to others in this way. So if you are interested then please let me know and we can discuss how I can help you become a better photographer.


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Oli My wife, Suzanne, has recently qualified as a makeup artist and has been keen to put theory into practice.

So yesterday she had her friend Oli over and I was called upon to capture her work for posterity. I have to say that Oli is a very attractive lady however Suzanne did a wonderful job transforming her in to the desired Nichole Kidman look.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) Sun, 05 Oct 2014 15:01:38 GMT
Images from Iceland We recently spent a week in Iceland, part holiday part photoshoot and an opportunity to get to know this amazing country.

Flying out of Bristol Airport with Easyjet was a breeze and the pick up the other end was faultless by the Thrifty Agent.

In no time we were heading of on our travels propelled by a nice shinny Ford Kuga Titanium X complete with studded winter tyres.

By the way a top tip is to buy you alchohol in duty free on the way into Iceland otherwise you are limited to oly being able to buy at the government licensed shops and the prices are eye watering.

We had chosen to rent a cottage about 11/2 hours from the airport near the town of Selfoss and we were soon pulling up at the gates, after stopping of at the local Budget store (a bit like Aldi) to stock up. By the way even in the cheaper stores food is still expensive.

Rosa the owner has 2 cottages and 2 more in construction during our visit They are immaculately appointed and we had a very comfortable stay. Check out Icelandic Cottages

Anyhow enough of that. Here are some of the images we managed to capture during our stay.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) Iceland photography Sun, 20 Jul 2014 16:59:26 GMT
Heading out Trip over the water to Cowes today.

Used my iphone and Photoshop express app to give the final touch to these yachts heading out for a morning race in the Solent.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) Sun, 13 Jul 2014 20:27:50 GMT
The voice of an angel I did a shoot a few weeks ago for Michaelis Cantores the University of Southampton Choral Scholars Choir.

Required individual shots for compilation into a roller banner to advertise their concerts.

The Scholars wear black hooded gowns and so I kept the lighting simple using a speedlight shooting through a 600 x 600 softbox.

I arranged the sitters so that the light was off to one side and they were looking at one edge so that the light was soft and falling off the subject.

As you can see below after some tweaks in lightroom a very pleasing result loved by the choirmaster.




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Quality and Service from Trade Canvas Prints Sometimes you are given a task which needs everyone to play a part and the one I was given just before Christmas was no exception.

Now just to explain some background to this. I am not a full time photographer but work in construction management for a company maintaining part of the nations road network. As such I am beholden to the boss and so when he asked for 48 new photographs to go up in the offices I had to jump to it. After much proofing and debating 12 pictures were selected so 4 sets could be produced, with the remaining 36 being hung in the various depots the company operates from. All this and a deadline for them to be in place on the walls by the 6th of January. It was now mid December so I contacted Danielle at Trade Canvas Prints. 'When do you want them by?' was Danielle's first question. 'They have to be on the walls by 6th of Jan say I'. And to my great relief came the reply ' No problem!'.

Job done thinks I and relax back into my real job. But fate and a final go at messing things up and the following Monday I received a call.

'Danielle here we have had a flood and I'm not sure we can get all your prints done in time as the printer is damaged.'

Bother, or words of that ilk thinks I. I leave Danielle to mop up  with the promise that she will assess the situation and get back to me. In the meantime I phone around a few of the other guys I have used but none are able to meet my deadline. At this point I am not having a good day, then suddenly a call from Danielle. Good news Danielle promised to get one set of prints done by the 3rd of Jan giving me just enough time to get them on the walls before the boss returned. The remainder to be delivered by the 15th Jan.

Huge relief all round and true to their word the first set of prints were ready on the 2nd Jan and the remainder will be delivered on the 13th.

Great service from a great little company here in Southampton. I cannot recommend them enough. Trade Canvas Prints

Here's a shot with my iphone of some of the canvases in position.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) Trade Canvas Prints canvas prints Sat, 11 Jan 2014 18:59:24 GMT
Winter visitor - environmental portrait For a change here  is a slightly different post from me, this time about this afternoon's impromptu portrait session with a rodent visitor to our garden.

I was just helping Suzanne do a bit of leaf fall clearance when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and there bold as brass about 3m away was this little field mouse having a good feed on the crab apples. It seemed quite happy to have us so close so I quickly went in doors and got my 1D mk3 and 70-200 lens, half thinking as I returned that the wee fellow will have scarpered.

Quickly I set the camera to Av mode, aperture to 2.8 and the ISO to 800 as this would give a shallow depth of field whilst allowing me use as fast a shutter speed as possible.

Much to my delight there he still was and I was able to spend 15 minutes or so capturing some great shots as the mouse gorged on the ripe fruit.


My patience paid off as I was able to get within 2m and really fill the frame.

(Jon Clark Photography Limited) canon 1D mk3 portraiture wildlife Sun, 29 Dec 2013 17:49:47 GMT